How to choose a dog collar – Which collar is best for my dog?

As any dog owner will tell you, the most important accessories you will need when you get a new puppy or dog is a collar, especially so they can have their ID tag hanging on them (which is a legal requirement in the UK). There any many different types of collars and the options are endless, so the question every dog parent needs to consider is, what is the right collar for MY dog?

When people ask me what they should be looking for when choosing a collar, the first questions I always ask them is, “What breed of dog do you have?” and “Tell me about your dog?” as every dog is different and aside from their breed, each own has their own personality, for example, some Shih-Tzu’s are quite energetic and others which are quite reserved and just go with the flow, so its really important to consider your dogs personality and temperament when choosing  collar, after all it’s your doggy thats’s wearing it not you.

Let’s start with the basics, firstly its important to consider your dogs size when choosing a collar, so for example puppies and small breed dogs should have smaller more lightweight collars, while medium and larger breed dogs need a collar that is stronger and more durable. Secondly, your dog’s collar should fit well. A dog’s collar should fit comfortable with enough room for two fingers (about 2 -3 centimetres) to fit between your dog’s neck and the collar. The collar should not be too tight so that it restricts your dogs breathing or loose enough for it to slip over your dogs head. For puppies, it is really important to check the fit frequently as they grow so fast that it can risk it getting too tight without you realising.


Now that we have covered the basics, lets consider fashion or function and can we have both for our pampered furbaby? The simple answer is yes, but, you have to choose carefully. Dog collars have come a long way from the plain boring black or brown collars and now come in a range of fashionable and functional collars making them a true fashion accessory for your pampered pooch, YAY I say! Materials like nylon, suede and plain leather now come in a rainbow of colours so your dog is on always on trend, rhinestones and crystal collars so your pup will look like a true superstar and luscious velvet for that luxurious look.

If you have a puppy or dog that is not a fan of water and can be a little diva like my Bella, then nearly any fashion collar would be suitable for them, lucky you :-). There are so many affordable fashionable faux leather collars available that you can change your pampered pups collar to match your outfits, which I must admit, I am guilty of doing :-).


If your dog loves swimming in water, then a faux or PU leather collar would not be the best option for your dog, unless you plan on taking it off them every time they go into the water. Faux leather is lovely and fashionable, however, they are simply not made to be immersed in water so a nylon or leather collar would be a better option for your dog, but always remember to take your dogs collar off after they have been swimming so it can dry off nicely. Like us humans wanting to take our clothes and shoes off when they get wet, it’s the same for dogs and can be uncomfortable.


All in all, there are so many fabulous dog collars available that you’re sure to find something that will suit you and your fabulous furry friends personality.

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